MayoCoin, LOBSTR, and You 

A Beginner's Guide to MayoCoin

Is mayonnaise a financial instrument?

Crypto can be daunting to new users, so here's a step by step tutorial to set up a LOBSTR wallet for MayoCoin and Stellar's base currency, the Stellar Lumen (XLM). First, a little background.

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MayoCoin is a Meme Coin

Yes, MayoCoin is a proud member of the Stellar meme coin universe. We nod our heads to our daddy and mummy, Ananos and Manangos and big brother Stellar Cannacoin, who prefers to be called a community token. The meme coin we take greatest inspiration from is Banano, a fork of the cryptocurrency Nano. Don't let the name meme coin put you off. There is space for utility and we have an active development team. While you may just have fun and learn a little, you might also make a little money along the way.

Speculative projects such as MayoCoin do carry a large amount of risk. The vast majority of our users gently get acquainted with the project using almost no initial investment. There is no pressure to make rash decisions. MayoCoin is an opportunity to get on the ground floor of a crypto project that is fun and educational with incredible potential utility.


Stellar is not a Meme Coin

Stellar is that shy, bespectacled kid at the back of the classroom, who quietly gets things done, quickly (transactions take ~4 seconds) and cheaply (~0.000001 USD per transaction) and quietly (~0.00022 kWh per transaction). It's the perfect platform for cheap, easy (no coding required) tokens. The Stellar Decentralised Exchange (SDEX) is available for any asset, as well as liquidity pools (LP) and automated market makers (AMM) all on chain without relying on third party DApps or smart contracts. The only snag is that in order to hold Stellar assets like MayoCoin, you need to hold ~0.20 USD of Stellar Lumens (XLM), Stellar's base currency, as refundable deposit. At the moment XLM is hovering around the 30th position on CoinMarketCap.

4 Million Mayo Coin

True in January 2023 at least...


For now (January 2023), MayoCoin is very cheap with 300,000 MayoCoin ~ 1 USD. While there are other ways to get MayoCoin there may never be another opportunity to buy them at this price. Sources of free MayoCoin include airdrops, faucets, staking and HODLing lotteries, trivia and using your computer to map the Milky Way. Tipping on Reddit and Discord is what holds the community together. Participate and have fun and you'll have a few MayoCoin in no time. Don't knock it until you've tried it!

Let's get some MayoCoin!


Download LOBSTR

Download LOBSTR on Android/iPhone or open it in your browser. Alternatively search for "LOBSTR" on Google Play / App Store and download it.

Create a Wallet or Import a 12-Word Seed Phrase

Follow the instructions, have an email address ready, and WRITE DOWN YOUR SEED PHRASE when prompted. Alternatively import your 12-word seed phrase from Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet etc. Wallets are only secure when you don't share your secret / private key (S...) or seed phrase (usually 12 words) with anyone. Ever. For any reason. Write down your 12-word seed phrase and keep it in a safe place.

Get Some Stellar Lumens

At least 1.6 Stellar Lumens (XLM) (~0.20 USD) are needed to activate your Stellar address. Stellar Lumens can be purchased on almost every exchange including Coinbase, Kraken, Binance and many others. At the time of this posting, Coinbase Learning Rewards is giving away ~20 USD of free cryptocurrencies for watching slideshows and answering simple questions. Convert these cryptocurrencies to Stellar Lumens (XLM).

Activate and Fund Your Stellar Wallet

In the LOBSTR App home page, select the the top-left three lines menu, and choose Receive and Stellar Address. Stellar addresses always begin with G.... This is your public address and can be shared freely. Copy this into the clipboard. In your exchange wallet choose Pay/Send Stellar Lumens (XLM) (or similar). Paste your Stellar address G... and send. You do not need a memo to send to your personal LOBSTR address. If your exchange is working properly your LOBSTR wallet will be activated and funded in a few seconds.

N.B. Stellar Lumens can be bought in the LOBSTR app directly (via MoonPay), but fees and minimum purchases are less competitive than other exchanges.

Add MayoCoin as an Asset

In the LOBSTR App home page, select the the top-left three lines menu, and choose Assets. Select + (plus), Add Asset in the top right hand corner. Search for mayocoin. Select MayoCoin then Add Asset and Confirm and Proceed. Alternatively MayoCoin can be added directly or by scanning the QR code through LOBSTR. You now have a trustline to MayoCoin and can have some fun with it. Congratulations!
For the memes!

"For the babes", is also an acceptable answer

Adding MayoCoin as an asset

Scan or tap on the QR code to add MayoCoin to LOBSTR

Let's have some fun with MayoCoin

  • Receive free MayoCoin with our faucet (under maintenance) - Paste your Stellar address into our faucet (under maintenance). You should receive some MayoCoin in seconds.
  • Get an airdrop - You are now ready for a tasty airdrop. Fill in the form.
  • Buy MayoCoin - In the LOBSTR App home page, select the the top-left three lines menu, and choose Swap. In the dropdown menus select sell - XLM and buy - MayoCoin. Choose an amount of XLM to sell (or MayoCoin to buy) and select Swap XLM to MayoCoin. You can swap any Stellar asset to MayoCoin directly.
  • Withdraw MayoCoin from your Reddit tip bot account - Use the Reddit tip bot to send MayoCoin to your Stellar wallet. Swap "1" for the amount you want to sell and "G..." for your Stellar address. Here is a list of commands.
  • Deposit MayoCoin to your Reddit tip bot account - To send MayoCoin to your Reddit tipbot account use the Stellar address, GARDBQHEUURLOWHEAC6GFIHYWHGCVJBH4V3REG2CD465GP3LDOVSSDO5 using your Reddit username as the memo (no "u/") e.g. remarkablemayonaise.
  • Deposit MayoCoin to your Discord tip bot account - To send MayoCoin to your Discord tipbot account use the command: "/deposit token:mayo". Use the Stellar address and memo given.
  • Map the Mayo Way - Use your computer's spare processing power to map the Milky Way while earning weekly MayoCoin.
  • Stake your MayoCoin and Stellar Lumens (XLM) - Read out guide on staking your MayoCoin and Stellar Lumens (XLM) for rewards and lottery prizes.
  • And more... - For more fun check our Reddit, Discord and Twitter...

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